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Our entrepreneurial spirit and background in corporate America led us to build a company focused on providing exceptional customer service and a high level of professionalism in every aspect of our business. Therefore, elevating the overall experience of the inspection process.  

At Finish Line Inspections, our goal is to help you get through the stressful inspection period and one step closer to crossing the Finish Line to your new property.

Our licensed, insured, knowledgeable and highly trained inspectors provide thorough inspections with superior customer service by assisting you in understanding the condition of the property without scaring you. We provide a large variety of inspection services, including mold & air quality assessment, insurance 4-Point and Wind Mitigation, sewer pipes, termite, seawall and dock inspections. 

Our name also helps us remember those that saved our founder Bills’ life and led to a turning point in our lives, when we decided to leave corporate America and venture into starting a small business (oh, and having a beautiful baby boy).

In January 2017, Bill literally died for about 7 minutes. He had a sudden cardiac arrest near the Finish Line of the Key West Half Marathon. He was extremely fortunate that 3 off-duty nurses were nearby and jumped in to perform CPR, which saved his life. It turns out he’s in a small group of people (less than 6%) that survive this type of incident. We are forever grateful.

We encourage everyone to learn CPR! You never know when you could save someone’s life. Our goal is to help spread awareness for such a critical life saving skill. Ask about our CPR Training classes. We’ll credit you the cost of your CPR class off your property inspection with us. 

Bill & Becky Amirault, Owners

Bill & Becky Amirault, Owners
Finish Line Inspections

People trained in CPR and counting...
Bill Amirault

Bill Amirault

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Nelson Figueroa

Nelson Figueroa

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Scott Partin

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  • 5 Year Roof Protection, 100 Day Inspection Guarantee, FREE Thermal Imaging and much more!

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The value of a property inspection comes from the potential cost of the issues it uncovers. What is your peace of mind worth?